Watercolour painting

This beautiful technique has been a favourite of many of the world's best painters, from Turner to Hockney.


This course aims to dispel any myths that watercolour is a lesser medium, confined to sentimental washes and to get you to explore the full range of its potential. Over 8 weeks, this course trains your eye and hand so that you learn to explore the effects that can be used in accordance with the different strengths of colour wash used, the different papers, and by both limiting and exploding the colour palette.


Courses begin throughout the year. Classes take place twice a week from 6 pm to 8 pm in my studio. (See How to find me for directions).


You can either pay for individual classes which cost £-- per session (materials included) or for a whole course at the discounted price of £--.


There are a maximum of 8 students in each class.


Use my contact form to register.